My Goals


I am contracted with the American International School of Mozambique through the 2016-17 school year.

I am currently seeking a new position for 2017-18.  I have an active profile with Seach Associates.

  • I am committed to my new role as a Design Technology instructor. I am passionate about design, and I strive for elegant design in my planning, learning activities, extra-curricular activities, and teaching spaces.
  • More generally, my long term goal is to be flexible, and to take on a variety of positions and roles in education, from classroom teaching, staff support, and leadership responsibilities. Currently, I am focused on sharpening my classroom practice.
  • After several years in technology positions focused on staff support and development, I feel reenergized by returning to a full-time teaching role. 

    First and foremost, I have always considered myself a dynamic classroom teacher, with the ability to understand and implement best practices and sound classroom management. I build strong relationships with the families I work with. I try to bring a creative approach to my teaching practice that goes beyond pedagogical formulas.   

    Which doesn't mean I have forgotten my related interest: educational technology. During my time at American School of Guatemala and the International School of Prague, I was completely focused on ensuring that my knowledge and skills were the best in the field.  While I enjoy professional development and supporting my colleagues, it has also been nice to "practice what I preach" on a day-to-day basis. I run a paperless classroom and integrate a variety of digital tools into my instruction. I am totally at home in a 1-1 learning environment.

    I have also been an active participant in various programs of school improvement. My responsibilities have included developing school policies surrounding technology, developing IT and cybercitizenship curricula, advising on infrastructure and purchasing, providing training, and designing assessment for both staff and students, and advising administration formally and informally on technology-related issues.